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Greenz Kerala, Marketing & Impex Pvt Ltd. Thrissur, Kerala

About Us

Taste OneAbout Us

Who We Are?.

India is a rich country, but most of the Indians are poor. We believe that there can’t be any poor people if the right thing is done in the right way at the right place and right time. It was keeping this in mind that we founded Greenz Kerala Marketing & Impex Pvt Ltd 8 years ago. Our idea is to show the helpless and clueless people the right way to march forward with confidence to a lucrative venture earning a permanent income.


To be the growth catalyst to the poor and needy Indians who want to be self-sufficient to build a brighter tomorrow for themselves and the country.


To create an ecosystem by which farming communities will support each other by facilitating the production and exchange of agro-products in a mutually beneficial and sustainable manner.

But How?

We strongly believe that self-reliant villages form a sound basis for a just, equitable and nonviolent order. This can be a guiding principle for all citizens, constructive workers and policymakers in India.
We procure agricultural products directly from the farmers without involving any intermediaries. We then market these produce and value-added products in the local markets, beyond state boundaries and also across international borders. The producers will directly get benefitted from this trade, as there are no other beneficiaries in between.


Though ours is a private limited company, we believe that we have a strong commitment towards society and thereby to our motherland. Hence we have selected a few areas where we could show our presence.

01 Self-Sufficiency

Self-Sufficiency does not mean narrowness. To be self-sufficient is not to be altogether self-contained. In no circumstances would we be able to produce all the things we need, nor do we aim at doing so. So, though our aim is complete self-sufficiency, we shall have to get from outside the village what we cannot produce from our village.

02 Women Empowerment

Though we, the Indians, have high regard for women, we find many of them being ignored and ill-treated. Many educated and talented women are being suppressed and underutilized. The only way to improve their condition is through financial freedom. To enable them to get a steady income we are welcoming them to involve in our lucrative venture. They will be properly trained for the job. Government aid and bank loans will be arranged. Kiosks will be supplied.

03 Elderly and Differently-Abled Friendly Initiative

It’s a great sin that our society treats the old and differently-abled as useless beings and a societal burden. Even they feel that inferiority complex because no one recognizes their potential. We are extending a helping hand to them also. Those who are healthy and ready to work among them will be selected, trained and given opportunities to make their living. Thus we would like to see them uplifted in society.

04 Expatriates

Thousands of people working abroad had to come back home jobless and empty-handed due to the outbreak of COVID 19. We know that they have been the main pillars of our economy. When they had to return unexpectedly, the future was a big question mark for them. Though Government and NGOs are trying hard to rehabilitate them it has become a Herculean task as the number is in lakhs. We are playing our part here also. Qualified, talented and ready-to-work expatriates will be identified and absorbed in our venture. Necessary training will be imparted, guidance will be given to set up the office and arrange vehicles.

What we are Up to?.

We felt it is nobler to create 100 lakhpatis than one crorepati. Hence we are in the process of expansion of our venture.

As part of the Company's expansion scheme, a new venture with a huge investment along with individual, social and commercial participation of expatriates has been launched. We are on a mission to commercialise a blend of India’s traditional agricultural products under the brand name ‘TASTE ONE’ with technical support from Government institutions like Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion and other non-government institutions. The main goal of the project is to deliver Kerala's unique tastes to the Middle East and European countries under the tagline ‘Make in Kerala’.

It is also proposed to launch a project to export the various value-added products of Kerala's biological resources such as fish to dry fish, a variety of fish pickles, instant fish curry powder etc. The proposal has been discussed and agreed upon with Kerala State Coastal Area Development Authority, Government of Kerala undertaking in this regard.

A good leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. We are happy to show you the right way to scale greater heights!